ImplantLink: Connecting Patients & Clinicians For Better Orthopedic Outcomes

ImplantLink is a patient portal and patient engagment platform designed specifically for orthopedic patients. By connecting you and your surgeon, ImplantLink helps your caregivers better understand your condition and monitor your progress during the critical months after surgery and beyond.

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Putting You At the Center of Your Treatment

ImplantLink Helps Connect You and Your Clinical Team


Cindy Kington, PT, CHT

Beginning months ahead of your procedure and lasting years afterwards, dozens of people – including your physician and your physician’s staff, your implant’s manufacturer and distribution team, the hospital clinical and materials staff, your physical therapist and other post-operative clinicians- use InVivoLink and ImplantLink to coordinate your care. These clinicians want you to be informed because they know that an informed patient is most likely to enjoy a productive recovery to the function and mobility you expect.


Tracking Your Progress

Personalized Online Progress Tools to Get You The Right Treatment


ImplantLink Question

Example ImplantLink Follow-Up Questionnaire

Patient safety is at the center of everything InVivoLink does. Our goal is to connect you with the right information related to your specific episode of care. Physicians and clinicians are able to send you relevant surveys and questionnaires before and after your surgery. This gives valuable insight into your personal health condition before surgery, and subsequently track how quickly you are recovering afterward. These surveys are completed in concert with your therapists and clinicians over the full episode of your care. By doing so, your treatment can be managed according to your specific needs.


Accessing Your Data

ImplantLink Helps You Understand What Medical Devices Are In Your Body


ImplantLink - My Orthopedic Implants

Example Patient's Medical Device List

ImplantLink is where your implant and care information is recorded and made available for you by your surgeon and the care management team.  By answering the online health questions from your surgeon throughout your treatment process, you and your health care providers will understand how you are progressing. As a result, care can be personalized for your needs. Each and every step adds up to improved chances of recovery for you and improved performance for your new implant.